Two new school park sites are being developed in the Keswick area in south Edmonton. Construction began in summer 2021 and is anticipated to be complete in fall 2022.

Project Update - April 2022

Construction started on both Keswick East and West sites in summer 2021. Construction is on hold during winter and will resume in spring 2022. Construction completion is anticipated for fall 2022.

Project Overview

The City of Edmonton is developing two new school park sites located in the Keswick area in south Edmonton. Keswick East, located on the eastern boundary of the neighbourhood, will include a Catholic Elementary/ Junior High School and Keswick West, located in a central area of the neighbourhood,  will include a Public Elementary/Junior High School. At each site, the City is completing base-level development and allocating space for future shared level development amenities as per the Urban Parks Management Plan (UPMP).

Base-level development of the parks include site grading, grass, tree planting and focus on sports field development for baseball / softball and soccer fields for a variety of younger age groups. 

The design of each park site also provides a placeholder for future shared community amenity development of playgrounds or similar amenities.

Construction started in summer 2021 and will be completed in fall 2022 to coincide with the opening of the schools.