A new school park site has been developed in the Chappelle East area in south Edmonton.

Project Overview

The project is now complete and open for use by the school, community and general public. The Chappelle East Park site serves the needs of Garth Worthington School and provides recreation amenities to the Chappelle neighbourhood and surrounding communities.

Park Development

The park development consisted of:

  • Site grading
  • Catch basin to collect rainwater run-off
  • Topsoil and grass seed
  • Sportsfield development for baseball/softball and soccer fields for a variety of younger age groups
  • Shared-use pathways with lighting
  • Tree planting

The Chappelle East Park design also provides a placeholder for future shared level development amenities as per the Urban Parks Management Plan (UPMP).

Construction was completed in fall 2021 with the park accessible to the public in the summer 2022 after all landscaping and trees had been established.