Lunchbreak by John Seward Johnson

Public Art enhances and creates special public places, bringing people of all demographics together to build communities and connect. Murals, sculptures, public art, iconic architecture and grand landscapes create a more interesting and vibrant Downtown.

Downtown Art Guide

The Downtown Edmonton Public Art Guide directs and supports Downtown public art and identifies a range of potential initiatives to increase the presence of art and culture in the city’s core. Check it out for inspiration on how to incorporate public art and art programs/initiatives into various spaces.

Art Grants

The Edmonton Arts Council (EAC) provides various grants that support individual artists in the creation of work and artistic development, and grants that support arts organizations and festivals.

Downtown Art Map and Tours

ArtTourYEG provides an interactive map of Downtown public art and four self-guided art tours around Downtown to give Edmontonians and visitors the chance to learn about the eclectic art and architecture found in the core.

The art tours include:

  • Capital Boulevard
  • Churchill to McKinney
  • Jasper Avenue
  • The Quarters

You can also stop by City Hall or any Downtown hotel to pick up an ArtTourYEG brochure. ArtTourYEG is an initiative by the Urban Renewal section at the City of Edmonton.

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