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It is important that home buyers are aware of plans that apply to new neighbourhoods because these plans guide how the area will develop in the future.

If you are purchasing in a neighbourhood that is still developing, there may be land next to or near your new home that is undeveloped.

City resources

The plans in effect for every City neighbourhood provides information on the type of development that may occur in those areas. By understanding what is planned, you will know what you can expect to be developed in your neighbourhood.

All developing communities in Edmonton have both an Area Structure Plan (ASP) and Neighbourhood Structure Plan (NSP), which dictate where residential, commercial, institutional and recreational development will be located. The plans also estimate the number of people who are expected to live in the area and how development will be staged over time.

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Follow these steps to learn more about what's to come in your neighbourhood

Step 1 : Download the Neighbourhood Structure Plan (NSP) Land Use Guide. This guide explains an ASP and NSP, and provides examples of land use categories found on each land use map legend.


Neighborhood Structure Plan Land Use Guide Download the PDF

Step 2 : Find your Neighbourhood's Land Use Plan by finding your Neighbourhood


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