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Edmonton Fire Rescue Services main function is to serve the people of Edmonton with the goal of protecting life, property and the environment by providing excellence in services and public safety

About the Service

Edmonton Fire Rescue Services is made up of various teams that help to protect life, property and the environment through fire suppression and investigation, fire prevention programs, rescues, as well as emergency medical, traffic collision and dangerous goods response.

Hazardous Materials
The hazardous materials team responds to a wide range of incidents including antifreeze, oil, or biological agent spills, leaking gas cylinders, cargo tank truck rollovers, chemical spills and leaks at industrial sites, and radiological and explosion events.

Fire Prevention
Fire Prevention employees work to reduce the number of fires that occur in Edmonton through fire code compliance inspections, plans examination and public education.

Fire Investigation
Any fire or explosion that results in property damage, injury, or death will be thoroughly investigated by the fire investigations team to determine the origin, cause and circumstances of the fire. All Edmonton Fire Rescue Fire Investigators are designated Safety Codes Officers as required under the Alberta Safety Codes Act.

Emergency Response Communication Centre
All 911 calls or direct calls from the public that require one of Fire Rescue’s services are routed to the Emergency Response Communication Centre (ERCC). An Emergency Communication Specialist then evaluates, prioritizes, and dispatches the appropriate frontline response to the emergency.

Water Rescue
Fire Rescue personnel are trained and equipped to perform water rescues in any season on the North Saskatchewan River, as well as the many lakes, ponds and creeks in Edmonton.

Technical Rescue
The technical rescue team responds to events such as tower, bridge and high-rise rescue, confined space rescue, trench collapse, tunnel and sewer entrapment, riverbank rescue, and some water rescues.

All 911 calls are coordinated by the ERCC. After leaving the station, fire rescue first responders are targeted to be on scene within 4 minutes travel time to initiate emergency medical or fire rescue services. In the case of a fire, a crew of 16 firefighters are targeted to be on scene within 8 minutes travel time.

How Do I Obtain the Service?

In Case of an Emergency

Dial 9 – 1 – 1 for all life threatening situations and crimes in progress

In all cases of an emergency involving a life threatening situation, dial 911 immediately. Your call will be answered by an Operator who will direct your call to Police, Fire or Ambulance.

It is very important to state your emergency clearly, and to verify the location that you are calling from.

When There is No Need for an Immediate Response

Dial 780-442-5445

If you require information or the attendance of a Firefighter at an event, call 780-442-5445 for assistance.

Contact the City About This Service
Telephone When there is no need for an immediate response please call:
In Case of an Emergency
DIAL 9 11 for all life threatening situations & crimes in progress
TTY: 780-425-1231
TTY 780-944-5555 code: erdinfo
Fax 780-496-1518