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Office: 780-442-0974 
Email: cemetery@edmonton.ca

What are City of Edmonton Cemeteries hours of operation?

Office Hours: Monday-Friday 8:30-4:30pm (closed weekends and statutory holidays)
Office Locations:
Beechmount Cemetery - 12420 104 Street NW
South Haven Cemetery - 5004 Meridian Street
Cemetery Park Visiting Hours: 8am-8pm (daily)
You can find a full list of our cemeteries, including address information: Our Cemeteries.

How much does the average burial, columbarium niche or the average cremation cost?

There are several available options and decisions to make regarding burial and/or cremation arrangements with varying costs. Every family is different and has unique needs and requests. For these reasons, it is difficult to adequately quote an ‘average’ cost for our services.

View pricing information. Every family can be assured that we will provide clear, detailed fees for any services discussed and/or selected. Pricing discussions are provided with no obligation and in a no pressure environment.

Does the City of Edmonton Cemeteries offer pre-arrangements?

Yes. All cemetery products and services can be pre-selected and prepaid. These are prepaid at today’s prices and are guaranteed in perpetuity, meaning no additional fees will be charged for those items at the time of need.

Pre-arranging your services will take a huge burden off your loved ones when you pass. You will have already made the choice of where you are to be interred, the type of burial, and the type of memorial that you may want.

Do you offer payment plans?

The City of Edmonton offers payment plans on a monthly basis on our products and services for up to a 3 year term. All products and services must be paid in full before time of need.

Can anyone be buried at City of Edmonton Cemeteries?

Yes, all religious and cultural backgrounds are welcome to be buried at City of Edmonton Cemeteries. We make every effort to support the burial practices and traditions of our clients, provided it is operationally feasible and does not impact employee or public safety.

Why are there so many rules at City of Edmonton Cemeteries?

The Alberta Cemeteries Act requires all cemetery operators to have written rules and regulations. These regulations detail how interment rights are sold, how they can be used, how services are provided, the types of monuments that are permitted, and address other operational considerations.
Our regulations ensure every family is treated equitably, and they help to ensure City of Edmonton Cemeteries is operated in a safe, dignified and sustainable manner. You can also view our Municipal Cemeteries Facility Regulations.

Green Burial Frequently Asked Questions

What is a green burial?

Green burials are designed to have a minimal environmental impact and conserve natural resources. Also called natural burial or eco-friendly burial, green burial emphasizes simplicity and sustainability.

The deceased body is not preserved and has no embalming fluids or chemicals. A biodegradable container (usually a burial shroud or unfinished wooden casket) is used. 

The deceased will be placed on the natural ground and decompose fully and return to nature. 

Native plant life and trees will be used and Aurora Gardens will eventually resemble a forested woodlands area.

Shared monuments will be placed throughout Aurora Gardens to allow for memorialization in place of individual headstones. 

Will I be able to select my final resting place and keep my family together?

When a green burial service is pre-purchased, the individual(s) are guaranteed a green burial plot within Aurora Gardens. However, the physical location will only be determined at the time of passing. One of the foundations of green burials is minimal equipment use and ground disturbance. For that reason, we follow a specific pattern by selecting the burial location in sequence to ensure the area supports the ecological friendly approach of a green burial.

City of Edmonton Municipal Cemeteries will continue to offer customers and families traditional burial and cremation options who wish to be buried together and/or choose their actual plot location.

Do green burials cost more than a traditional burial?

The overall cost for a green burial is lower than a traditional casket burial. There is no requirement for a concrete liner/box* in Aurora Gardens. The plot price is the same for all in-ground burial plots (green burial and traditional burial). The open/close service is more expensive for a green burial and this is because the area needs to be established with a specific native planting plan which includes a comprehensive maintenance program to ensure the area evolves into the forested path. 

* A concrete liner (box) is an enclosed structure that the casket sits in. Its primary intent is to keep the ground levelled and also slows down the natural decomposition process.

We recommend all clients and families to contact their preferred funeral home for specific costs for funeral services.

Which funeral homes offer green burial options?

Selecting a funeral service provider is a decision by families and is usually based on personal criteria/needs. There are a few Edmonton-based funeral homes that offer green burial services. Please contact our Municipal Cemeteries office and we can provide the information we have independently gathered.