Offer Your Clients a Home for Life™

As our society ages, homeowners are looking for features that will cater to their current lifestyle while planning for physical limitations that they or a loved one could face in the future. Catering to these expectations now, ahead of the curve, gives you a competitive edge and future clients a reason to buy or build with you.

By 2041, 32% of Edmontonians will be seniors. The number of seniors aged 55-64 is projected to more than double and the number of seniors aged 80+ is projected to increase by as much as 266%.

By offering a Home for Life you can continue to offer the incredible floor plans already in your portfolio layered with more spacious, light-filled homes, that are accessible for all.

Home designers, architects, builders, and developers who offer their clients a Home for Life™ can expect to increase their demand as the clients they are looking to attract begin to swing to an older majority.