Home Energy Toolkit Manual - cover pageThe Home Energy Toolkit provides tools, tests and information to help you understand your household energy use and help you identify some ways to save energy and money.

The toolkit includes:

  • Kill-A-Watt Meter
    Measures the energy demand of an electrical appliance
  • Imaging IR (Infrared) Thermometer
    Measures the temperature of areas, objects and surfaces
  • Stopwatch
    Records accurate time for shower or tap flow rate test
  • Light Meter
    Measures the amount of light in a room
  • LED Light Bulb
    Use with the Kill-A-Watt Meter to see the difference in energy use compared to conventional incandescent or compact fluorescent light bulb
  • Battery Charger and Rechargeable Batteries
    Batteries for each tool and a charging station to recharge them

tools included in the Green Home Energy Toolkit

To sign out the toolkit, visit Edmonton Public Library.

Check out the toolkit manual for tips and to see if the toolkit is for you!

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Our Partners

The Green Home Energy Toolkit was developed in partnership with Edmonton Public Library (EPL) and supported by a grant from Alberta Real Estate Foundation.

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