We’ve listened to Edmontonians who use the MyEPark app and updated it with new features that enhance the MyEPark experience. The following will answer some questions you have about the app and its new features.

Where can I download the app?

The MyEPark app is available as a free download from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. To search for it, type in: MyEPark.

The app can also be downloaded from edmonton.ca/EPark.

What version does the device need to be for the new MyEPark app?

In order to update/download the new MyEPark app, Androids need to be version 6 and up and iOS devices need to be iOS 9 and up. Older phone models will only download the older version of the app.

Why use the MyEPark app?

App features include:

  • The ability to start and stop parking sessions in EPark zones - no need to pay for more than the actual time that you decide to park
  • Set up reminder notices to notify you when your time is about to expire
  • Manage phone numbers associated with your EPark Account
  • Manage licence plates associated with your EPark Account
  • View your EPark account balance in real-time
  • Add funds to your EPark Account manually or enable ‘Auto Top-Up’ to ensure you never run out of account funds
  • Retrieve Account Activity reports that have a detailed account of all your monthly parking
  • Receive a 25% discount for curbside parking with a qualifying small vehicle
How does the app work?

Once the app has been downloaded from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store, existing MyEPark account holders will need to log-in, or new users can register an account. A MyEPark account is required to use the app.

Once activated, a MyEPark account will enable customers to pay anytime and anywhere, without needing to visit a EPark pay machine. For more information about app features, see the previous question, 'Why use the MyEPark app?'​​​​​​.

Can I automatically load funds onto my account using the MyEPark app?

Yes, click on the top right corner and select 'Add Account Funds' to enable or disable your 'Auto Top Up Settings'. If you enable the 'Auto Top Up', it will automatically reload your account every time your balance drops below $5.

Can I edit my account details using the app, such as my license plate or phone number?

Yes, the app allows you to update your licence plate and phone number.

Can I login using my phone number?

Yes, you can use any phone number that is listed in your MyEPark account when logging into your account on the app. If you wish, you can also create a username and password to login by editing your ‘Account Settings’.

When logging into the MyEPark app, what phone number do I use to log in?

If you are a new user: Use the cell phone number you think you’ll be using most when managing your parking sessions. Remember that you can use text and phone to park features.

If you are an existing user: When logging into your account on the app, you can use any of the phone number(s) that are already listed in your MyEPark account. It does not have to match the phone number of the phone or device you're using.

How can I receive reminders that my parking session is ending?

There are three ways to receive reminders that your parking session is ending:

In The App
If you use the app to start and end parking sessions, a reminder will show up on the phone tray. You can also set unique sound alerts on your phone for parking reminders.

By Phone or Email
If you activate your parking session by text, phone call or through m-epark.parkplus.ca, you will receive reminders by either a phone call or email.

What should I do if I am having trouble stopping my parking session through the app?

If you are having difficulties stopping your parking session with the app, you can also use call MyEPark (403-537-7275) and listen to the voice prompts or use Text to Park to end your parking session.

Please note that no matter which method you use to start a parking session, the same phone number that was associated with the start of your session, must be used to stop the parking session.

I'm having difficulties logging in to the app. What do I do?

You can log in either with the username you created when you set up the account, or the email address associated with your account. You can reset your password online but please note that it can take up to 30-60 minutes for the information to be reset in the MyEPark system.

You can also start and end sessions using your MyEPark account by calling or texting.

If you need assistance, please contact EPark at epark@edmonton.ca or call 311.

I reset my password but have not received an email confirming the change?

A password reset can take 30-60 minutes. If you need to park immediately while waiting for your password to reset, use the Virtual Pay Machine option at v-epark.parkplus.ca.

I was setting up my MyEPark account on the app and was interrupted; can I continue the set-up on the app?

If you experience an interruption while setting up your MyEPark account, you must continue the setup process on a computer. You will not be able to continue to setup your account through the app.