On August 31, 2020, the Post-Secondary Pass will be discontinued.

Students have a number of alternative transit fare options:

  • ETS Youth Monthly pass ($72.50)
  • Book of ETS Youth tickets ($19 for 10 tickets)
  • Low income Ride Transit Program monthly passes (eligibility based on personal income) 
  • Seniors monthly pass ($34 for those 65+ who happen to be students)
  • Book of ETS Senior tickets ($19 for 10 tickets) 


ETS runs service to all major local post-secondary institutions and other smaller ones. ETS service is designed to meet the travel requirements of our customers during different times of the day and different days of the week.

We offer reduced post-secondary student fares, as part of our superior service to full-time student travellers.

ETS tries to touch base with college and university students every year at registration to give transit information, answer questions on new services, and get personal feedback directly from this important customer group. If you see us at your school, don't be shy! We value what you think about our services.

Post Secondary and Junior/High School schedule information can be obtained by using the Transit Trip Planner and setting the “Arrive By” or “Depart At” features to align with the school start and end times.