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Every ETS rider should feel safe every time he or she takes the bus or LRT. If you or someone you see needs help, ETS personnel and resources can provide assistance to emergencies, as well as inappropriate or suspicious behaviour. 

Situations where immediate help may be required include (but are not limited to): medical emergencies, bullying, theft, and harassment (such as sexual, racial, religious, etc.).

Be Rail Safe

From September 21-27, Rail Safety Week reminds people of the importance of always being safe around trains, tracks and rail crossings. 

Remember these tips to ensure you maintain a safe distance from yourself and a train:

  • Wait behind the yellow platform tiles at LRT stations.
  • Look both ways before crossing tracks at all train crossings. If you’re wearing headphones, take them off so you can hear if any trains are coming.
  • Wait behind the LRT crossing gates. Even if you see a train already pass by, there could be a second train coming.

Whether you are walking, biking, driving or on an e-scooter, when you ensure your own safety when approaching or crossing LRT tracks, you help provide a safe transit experience for everyone, including the operator. 

Trespassing is more than walking on the tracks. From the moment the lights and sounds activate, if you enter the crossing, you’re trespassing. If caught, patrons are subject to a fine. The fine for trespassing on ETS crossings is $250. If someone trespasses at an LRT crossing and a CN crossing, they can be fined twice (total of $537). If the lights/sounds activate while you are crossing, then it is not trespassing, but clear the crossing immediately.

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Your Bus/Train - My Office 

Transit Operators provide a vital front-line service by helping Edmontonians move safely around the city. Every day, operators juggle multiple priorities like road conditions, traffic, weather, schedules, customer service, pedestrians and bikes, all while operating a large transit vehicle. Operators spend 8+ hours each day helping, supporting and assisting transit customers with all facets of their journey. Just like every other employee, whether you work in an office or out in the field, Transit Operators have a right to a safe and respectful work space. 

Get on board with respect. 

Transit Operators are deeply passionate about their work and a simple ‘thank you’ from a customer can make their day. When our operators are surrounded by a respectful work space and customers get on board with respect, it further empowers our operators to get you home safely. As the familiar saying goes, “help me, help you.” Thank you to everyone who is respectful, safe and courteous. 

Personal Safety on ETS

The City of Edmonton has zero tolerance for any form of harassment on transit. However, if you experience or witness harassment, it’s important to report it. If your safety is at immediate risk, please call 911.

ETS always makes safety a priority. This campaign helps Edmontonians become more aware of resources that provide security and emergency assistance, including how to report harassment on a bus, train, or at a transit centre or LRT station.

Let’s Keep Each Other Safe

Everyone knows someone who takes transit, whether it’s for their daily commute or their ride to Edmonton’s many events. Edmontonians take pride in looking out for one another and understand that by working together, we can maintain a safe and welcoming transit environment.

The Let’s Keep Each Other Safe campaign serves as a safety reminder, encouraging riders to report unusual, suspicious or unsafe activities that could impact themselves or others.

Support one another, especially vulnerable groups, and help spread the word.

To report a situation:

  1. Talk to a uniformed transit employee (bus and LRT operators, Transit Peace Officers)
  2. Use a blue emergency phone in transit centres
  3. Press the yellow passenger alarms on LRT cars
  4. Call 911 or Transit Watch at 780-442-4900

Remember: Stop Request allows riders to get off at a location other than a bus stop along the route, as long as it’s safe to do so. The program is in effect daily after 6pm

It's Never Okay

It’s Never Okay is the first campaign in a series of public education efforts to empower people to feel comfortable calling for help, whether they are directly affected or witness an event. If the incident is illegal, such as groping on sneaking a picture up a skirt or down someone's shirt, report it to police immediately.

Additional resources and support

ETS offers a variety of programs to help riders reach their destinations safely. Learn more about:

  • Safe Person, Safe Place
    Any uniformed ETS employee and Transit Peace Officer can connect you to help.
  • Stop Request
    After 6pm and when safe, buses can stop along routes other than a bus stop.
  • TraXSafe
    Learn about the safety features on and near trains and station platforms.
  • Transit Watch
    Report suspicious activity and vandalism by connecting directly with ETS control centre.

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