The City has developed  Park & Ride Guidelines to guide the long term vision for the future provision of Park & Ride. The document will help identify where and how the City should provide new Park & Ride locations to best serve Edmontonians and build a great city. 

Park & Ride gives people more choice for getting around the city. It also helps the City move towards its goal of increasing transit ridership. Increasing transit ridership supports other goals of reducing the city’s greenhouse gas emissions, reducing traffic congestion and promoting transit oriented development. 

The City’s current Park & Ride facilities are primarily aimed at Edmontonians who use transit for commuting to downtown or major activity centres such as universities and for special events.

Ultimately, we are working to achieve one of the City’s long term goals which is to help more people use public transportation (transit) and active transportation (cycling) in order to move more people more efficiently in fewer vehicles.

Areas of exploration with the guidelines include:

  • Defining the role of Park & Ride in the context of the broader transportation system 
  • Understanding how Park & Ride relates to other modes of access to transit centres
  • Understanding how to serve a wider range of users throughout the day 
  • Leveraging third parties in the provision of Park & Ride to realize mutual benefits
  • Understanding when and where Park & Ride needs to be established
  • Understanding the relationship between Park & Ride and Transit Oriented Development
  • Understanding how Park & Ride sites can be better designed to meet city building objectives
  • Managing the demand of Park & Ride
  • Understanding the role of the region