The City has several initiatives to help reduce tree losses due to drought and climate change conditions.

Increased Mulch Beds

Where possible, new mulch beds are created when trees are planted in parks and roadway buffers. Beds are also being enlarged or created around existing trees.

Mulching helps protect root zones and reduces water evaporation.

The City also provides free mulch for citizens.

Alternative Watering Methods

The City has begun using water bags around newly planted trees, particularly for trees in sidewalk grates. These bags are filled with water by watering crews. The water drains out more slowly and evenly than traditional watering methods.

Tree Hardiness Trials

The City has begun to plant a variety of tree species in Edmonton to evaluate their hardiness in Edmonton’s climate. If these trees do well, tree species diversity will increase. Diversity is important to help mitigate losses to exotic tree pests and continuing climate change.