Approvals are organized by year and usually contain a context map, as well as a biography or write-up associated with the approval.

2017 Naming Approvals
2017 Honourary Road Names
Area/Neighbourhood Honourary Road Names
Glenwood Gary Racich Way
Strathcona Spur Line Alley
Alberta Avenue Father Frank Stempfle Way
Westwood Hugh Bolton Way
2017 Road Names
Area/Neighbourhood Road Names
Starling Tanager Place
Riverview Richard Rice Boulevard
Stillwater Sunwapta Way NW
Horse Hill Horse Hill Gate, Horse Hill Way, Horse Hill Boulevard
Orchards Muckleplum Way, Muckleplum Crescent, Orchards Road, Plum Gate, Plum Circle, Plum Link, Plum Lane, Plum Court, Plum Crescent
River's Edge River's Edge Road, River's Edge Way, River's Edge Drive
Blatchford Alpha Boulevard
Glenridding Ravine Glenridding Ravine Road
Kinglet Gardens Lark Point, Lark Crescent
Cashman Cashman Crescent
Paisley Podersky Link SW, Podersky Place SW 
Glenridding Ravine Glenridding Ravine Drive SW, Glenridding Ravine Wynd SW
Allard Alwood Point SW
Edgemont Erker Crescent NW
Uplands Uplands Boulevard NW
2017 Park and Pond Names
Area/Neighbourhood Park and Pond Names
Queen Elizabeth Park ᐄᓃᐤ (ÎNÎW) River Lot 11
Allard Allard Park
MacTaggart MacTaggart Park
Walker Walker Park
Stillwater Justina Rice Park
Stillwater Alison Rice Natural Area
Griesbach Maple Leaf Park
Griesbach Maple Grove Park
Virginia Park Borden Park Natural Swimming Pool
McConachie Walter Brown Briggs Natural Area
Westmount Helen Nolan Park
Baturyn Carrol and Henry Paszek Park
McConachie Pilot Sounds District Park
2017 Municipal Facility Names
Area/Neighbourhood Municipal Facility Names
River Valley Frederick G. Todd Lookout
River Valley 100 Street Funicular
West Jasper Place The Orange Hub
2016 Naming Approvals

2016 Honourary Road Names

Area/Neighbourhood Honourary Road Names
Downtown Judy Padua Way
McCauley Father Jim Holland Way

2016 Road Names

Area/Neighbourhood Road Names
Blatchford Adair Road;
Fane Mews & Road;
Tommy Fox Lane;
Yorke Mews & Road
Boyle Street  Muttart Crossing
Chappelle Crawford Way;
Chivers Loop, Place, Close, Crescent, Gate

Edgemont Link;
Edmonds Place;
Erker Way, Link
Erlanger Drive, Road, Bend, Link, Crescent

Keswick Kimball Crescent;
Kostash Green, Court, Place, Wynd
Mistatim Industrial Mistatim Link, Way, Road
The Orchards Pear Close, Court, Crescent, Drive, Link
Riverview ASP Maskêkosihk Trail;
Riverview Boulevard
Rosenthal Rosenthal Drive

2016 Park and Pond Names

Area/Neighbourhood Park and Pond Names
Boyle Street Dr. Gladys Edith Muttart Park
Merrill David Muttart Park
Britannia Youngstown Sergeant Maynard "Val" Vallevand Park
Bulyea Heights G. H. V. Bulyea Park
Downtown Homeless Memorial Plaza
Lymburn Lymburn Park
Webber Greens Webber Greens Park

2016 Municipal Facility Names

Area/Neighbourhood Municipal Facility Names
Buena Vista Park Yorath House
Prince Charles Vallevand Kennels
2015 Naming Approvals

2015 Honourary Road Names

Area/Neighbourhood Honourary Road Names
Strathcona Industrial Park Vukovic Way

2015 Neighbourhood/Area Structure Plan (ASP) Names

Area/Neighbourhood Neighbourhood/ASP Names
Horse Hill ASP Marquis
Riverview ASP The Uplands
River's Edge
White Birch

2015 Park and Pond Names

Area/Neighbourhood   Park and Pond Names
Downtown Michael Phair Park
The Hamptons Doug Kelly Park
Glastonbury Parc Le Cerf
Boyle Street Kinistinaw Park
Keswick Gordon King Pond
Beverly Beverly Page Park
South Terwillegar Constable Dan Woodall Park

2015 Municipal Facility Names

Area/Neighbourhood Municipal Facility Names
Mill Woods Town Centre Mill Woods Seniors and Multicultural Centre

2015 Edmonton Arena District (EAD) Naming

Area/Neighbourhood EAD Facility
Downtown Downtown Community Arena
Edmonton Tower

2015 Road Names

Area/Neighbourhood Road Names
Aster Aster Boulevard, Drive, Way
Desrochers Darby Green, Bay, Way
Duke Crescent
Griesbach Schultz Crescent
Keswick Keeler Crescent;
Keene Crescent;
Kelly Gate, Circle, Crescent;
Keswick Gate, Common, Link;
King Road, Vista, Landing, Gate, Wynd;
Kinney Road, Link, Way;
Kinsella Bend, Way, Crescent, Link;
Kiriak Link;
Knox Crescent, Way, Bend, Loop;
Kootook Road, Way, Link;
Koruluk Way, Link, Place;
Kroetsch Crescent
Kinglet Gardens Kinglet Boulevard;
Goldfinch Way, Crescent, Court;
Siskin Wynd;
Nuthatch Lane, Landing;
Crossbill Loop, Link;
Flycatcher Point
Marquis Marquis Bend, Boulevard, Way
The Orchards Chokecherry Bend, Common, Lane, Place;
Hawthorn Bend, Common, Gate, Link, Place;
Mayday Link, Wynd, Lane
Summerside Saly Place
2014 Naming Approvals

2014 Neighbourhood/Area Structure Plan (ASP) Names

Area/Neighbourhood Neighbourhood/ASP Names (total 4)
Decoteau Decoteau 
Meadows Aster
Big Lake Kinglet Gardens;
Pintail Landing

2014 Bridge Names

Area/Neighbourhood Bridge Names (total 1)
Big Lake Hawks Ridge Pass

2014 Park and Pond Names

Area/Neighbourhood Park and Pond Names (total 8) 
Schonsee Schonsee Park
Bulyea Heights Frank Victor Burton Field
Strathcona Nutter's Corner
Rio Terrace Ken Poyser Park
River Valley Park System Buena Vista Park
Strathcona Light Horse Park
Downtown Alex Decoteau Park
Tamarack Tamarack Park

2014 Municipal Facility Names

Area/Neighbourhood Municipal Facility Names
(total 1)
Yellowhead Corridor East Kathleen Andrews Garage

2014 Road Names

Area/Neighbourhood  Road Names
Ambleside Andrews Loop, Gate, Way
Cy Becker Cy Becker Road
Chappelle  Callihoo Crescent, Cove, Bay;
Carson Way, Place, Court, Close, Bay;
Cautley Crescent, Cove;
Cawsey Link, Terrace;
Chappelle Way;
Chegwin Wynd, Point;
Chernowski Way;
Chrustawka Crescent;
Colak Lane, Place;
Collisson Crescent, Link;
Condell Crescent, Link;
Cooke Lane;
Cooper Link, Crescent, Way;
Cowles Crescent, Link;
Craig Landing;
Crawford Loop, Crescent, Place;
Crockett Crescent;
Cross Landing;
Cruickshank Loop;
Cummins Vista;
Cushing Place, Court
Charlesworth Charlesworth Way, Drive
Desrochers Daniels Way, Link, Loop, Crescent;
Davidson Green, Wynd;
Desrochers Boulevard, Gate, Drive;
Dumont Crescent
Ellerslie Eby Road;
Ewing Trail, Drive, Link
Goodridge Goodridge Boulevard
Graydon Hill Graydon Hill Green, Crescent
Hays Ridge Hays Ridge Boulevard
Haddad Wynd
Howes Crescent, Link
Keswick Keeping Way;
Knight Point, Wynd
The Orchards Cherry Cove, Landing, Link
Windermere Wood Place
2013 Naming Approvals

2013 LRT Approvals

Component  Official LRT Approval Name (total 20)
Lines Capital Line;
Metro Line;
Energy Line;
Valley Line;
Festival Line
Bridges Tawatinâ Bridge [Ta-wa-ti-nâ]                *Meaning "Valley" in Cree.

Kâhasinîskâk Bridge [Kâ-(h)a-si-nî-skâk]  
  *Historical Cree reference to "Mill Creek".
OMF Gerry Wright Operations and Maintenance Facility
Stops 102 Street Stop
Churchill Stop
Quarters Stop
Muttart Stop
Strathearn Stop
Holyrood Stop
Bonnie Doon Stop
Avonmore Stop
Millbourne/Woodvale Stop
Grey Nuns Stop
Mill Woods Town Centre Stop
Station Davies Station

2013 Park and Pond Names

Area/Neighbourhood Park and Pond Names (total 16) 

Winnifred Stewart Park

Dermott District Park

Rutherford Monsignor Fee Otterson "Otter" Park
Cameron Heights Cameron Heights Park
The Grange The Grange District Park 
Hollick Kenyon Hollick Kenyon Park
Summerside Summerside Park
Brintnell Brintnell Park
Tawa  Sister Mary Ann Casey Park
Magrath Heights Magrath Heights Park + Rabbit Hill Natural Area
Westwood Lorne Larsen Park
Ramsay Heights Sue Trigg Natural Area
The Orchards Mountain Ash Lake, Silver Maple Pond
Mill Woods Town Centre Bettie Hewes Pond
Windermere James McCrie Douglas Park

2013 Municipal Facilities

Area/Neighbourhoods  Municipal Facilities (total 5)
Virginia Park Borden Park Pavilion
Dunluce Castle Downs Park Pavilion
Parsons Industrial John Fry Park Pavilion
Mill Woods Mill Woods Park Pavilion
Victoria Park Victoria Park Pavilion

2013 Road Names

Area/Neighbourhood  Road Names
Allard Auxier Court, Point;
Adam Court
Ambleside Ainslie Wynd, Lane, Place
Cameron Heights Cameron Heights Point;
Clement Court
Cavanagh Casey Way, Close, Court;
Cavanagh Drive, Boulevard;
Collins Crescent;
Crang Landing;
Cherniak Way;
Checknita Terrace, Common
Edgemont Elston Loop, Gate, Lane, Court;
Evans Link, Wynd, Crescent;
Eifert Crescent; 
East Gate, Wynd;
Eagleson Wynd, Link;
Erasmus Crescent, Wynd;
Elmer Bend;
Edgemont Road
The Orchards Mountain Ash Cove
Paisley Paisley Drive, Green, Road, Gate; 
Parker Loop, Court, Close, Gate;
Paterson Way, Bend, Link, Lane;
Payipwat Wynd;
Podersky Wynd, Lane;
Powell Common;
Price Landing, Way, Link, Common, Lane;
Prowse Road, Way, Link, Lane, Gate
Patricia Heights Hillcrest Point

2013 Honourary Names

Area/Neighbourhood Honourary Names (total 2)
McCauley  Church Street 
Downtown/Oliver Columbia Avenue