The quick Employee Check-in surveys measure the employee experience between the more detailed biennial surveys. Going forward the check-in surveys will be sent three times a year; prior to and including 2021 the survey was sent quarterly.

Thank you to the 6,341 City employees who participated in the June 2022 employee check-in survey; half of the corporation participated (52%). In Departments where most employees have daily access to computers (Communications and Engagement, Employee Services, Integrated Infrastructure Services, Financial and Corporate Services, and Urban Planning and Economy), the response rate was 81%. In several operational areas where employees do not have easy access to computers, tablets were provided.

Check-in results are reviewed at ELT for corporate-wide action, and people leaders at the Department, Branch, and Section levels review their results and create action plans to support a positive employee experience.

In the June survey, employees were asked about wellbeing, innovation, meaningful work, praise/recognition, safety in the workplace, different perspectives being valued, feeling a sense of belonging, and Enviso awareness.

Compared to previous check-ins, scores have increased for employee wellbeing, employees' perceptions of their supervisors valuing different perspectives, satisfaction with praise and recognition, as well as recommending the City as a great place to work.

The overall employee engagement score (eSat) is 68, slightly higher than the score of 66 in the last check-in in February 2022. The score for recommending the City of Edmonton as a great place to work (66) has also increased since February (65).