The 2022 Summer Patio Program is now open for applications!

Restaurants, bars and cafes are invited to apply for a summer patio permit to create seasonal outdoor spaces for customers to enjoy. 

This year’s Summer Patio Program features a number of improvements, including:

  • An easy-to-use  Summer Patio Program Guide
  • A quicker and more efficient application process
  • Three quick-start patio design options were created based on the learnings from 2021
  • An online map to promote local businesses that have patios in the City

Application and occupancy fees will once again be waived to support economic recovery from the pandemic. Check out the  Summer Patio Program Guide to get started with your patio planning and apply.

Patio Expansions on Private Property

Please note that the Summer Patio Program and the information on this page applies to temporary patios on public space only, such as City sidewalks and streets. City Council also approved changes to the Zoning Bylaw in January 2021 to streamline the process for restaurants, bars and neighbourhood pubs wanting to open ‘low impact’ permanent outdoor patio expansions on their private property, such as in private parking lot space. 

Under the new rules, a development permit is no longer required for these businesses to add an outdoor patio on their private property if the proposed patio meets the permit exemption criteria set out in section 12.2.1.dd of the Zoning Bylaw

For more information on planning a patio expansion on private property, please send your questions to

Temporary Patios in Edmonton