​Have a question about the Storefront Improvement Program? Here are some of the most common questions that businesses and property owners have about the program below. If you do not see the answer to your question here, please contact the Program Manager, Yvonne Pronovost.

Do I need to have a design ready before I apply to the Storefront Improvement Program?

Yes. We recommend submitting elevations and a rendering in your application package for best results. You will also need drawings to apply for City permits. Should your project be approved to participate in the Storefront Improvement Program, design fees can be reimbursed (50% of the architecture/design/engineering fees up to $5,000).

I have an approved Development Permit but have not yet started construction. Can I apply to the Storefront Improvement Program?

Before an application is approved, the Project Review Committee may recommend changes to the design to better meet program’s design principles. If a Development Permit or Building Permit has already been issued, a change in design may require an update to the existing permit or, depending on the scope of the changes, a new permit. This may increase the time and cost for the project.

I have completed an exterior renovation, however there are a few elements that are still left such as signage or lighting. Can I still apply to the Storefront Improvement Program?

No. The Storefront Improvement Program is intended to support the full renovation of a storefront, not the final elements of a finished design.

My building is a strip mall or has parking out front. Can I apply to the program?

Buildings that have some parking out front but have the potential to become more street oriented are eligible to apply, however the design must improve the connection and safety for pedestrians between the building and the public sidewalk. Buildings with a large parking lot are ineligible to apply. Please see the Program Guide or contact the Program Manager for more information.

My business requires tinted windows/vinyl window wraps/window perforations to meet regulations or for privacy reasons/marketing reasons/other reasons. Can I apply for the grant?

Ground floor windows must be fully transparent by the end of the project and for the 5 year maintenance period - even if replacing windows is not part of the scope of work. Consult with your tenants to see if you can meet this requirement before applying to the program.

My business requires a security grille or rolling shutters. Can I apply to the program?

All security grilles, bars and rolling shutters must be removed by the end of a project, even if these elements were in place before the project began. Building security can include after-hours lighting, security cameras, installing shatter-proof glass and/or security films on windows to reduce the likelihood of break-ins. 

My property is part of a commercial condo or strata. How do I apply to the program?

A building is eligible for one grant, regardless of how many ground-level strata titles there may be. The Storefront Improvement Program encourages property owners who share a building to collaborate on building design so that the finished building has a cohesive look and feel. Commercial condominiums may apply to the program through the condo board if the condo board owns the exterior of the building.

Can I change the storefront if my property received a grant through the Facade/Storefront Improvement Program?

The Storefront Improvement Program always includes a 5 year maintenance period for items of work that were reimbursed through the program. If you wish to change the storefront of a building that has recently gone through the Storefront Improvement Program, you may be required to repay 50% of the grant.

Do you have a list of designers or contractors that you can provide us?

The City of Edmonton cannot endorse any particular business, designer or contractor. We recommend speaking with past program participants or the Executive Director for your Business Improvement Area for recommendations.