Your Success is Our Business

Do you have questions about how to start a new business in Edmonton? We recommend reaching out to our one-on-one business support program. Since the program’s start, we have helped over 3300 business owners and entrepreneurs navigate the challenges that come with starting a new business. 

Our one-on-one support program experts can talk you through the business licensing and permitting process to ensure your experience goes smoothly. During a one-on-one support appointment, we can also help you explore location options for your business.
If you have already applied for a business licence and have questions about your application, please call 311.

One-on-One Business Support Form

More One-On-One Supports

The Digital Economy Program offers free support to small businesses with fewer than 50 employees who would like to undergo a digital transformation and build their online presence (such as e-commerce, web presence and social media strategy).