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Scientific name: Macropus rufogriseus

Habitat: coastal forests, tall heath, agricultural land

Diet: grasses, herbs, roots

Life span: 7-10 years

Young: 1 young (joey)

Size: male 15-26 kg (33-58 lbs); female 11-15 kg (25-33 lbs)

Named for the reddish fur on the back of its neck and shoulders, the red necked wallaby is shorter and has smaller hind feet than its cousin, the kangaroo.

Leaping as far as 9 m (30 ft.) in a single bound, a wallaby jumps like a pogo stick on its powerful hind legs. It uses its outstretched tail for balance when hopping and as a prop when sitting.

This wallaby is most active between dusk and dawn when the air temperature is cooler. Like people who go swimming on a hot day, these wallabies lick their paws and forelimbs to stay cool.

The baby is born hairless and blind after only 30 days in the mother’s womb. It crawls through her thick fur towards her pouch. Here it will suckle milk and continue growing for another 6 months before it is ready to leave.

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Range: Australia

Status in the Wild

Status: thriving

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