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River Valley Programs offer the best outdoor education experience in the city. Spend quality time and learn a new skill that will stay with you and your class for the rest of your lives.

We offer programs for school groups from kindergarten through Grade 12. Join our fully qualified program leaders in an outdoor adventure. All equipment is provided. Students will find some balance in their lives by enjoying nature in Edmonton's beautiful River Valley.

School and Group Programs

Archery (Grades 4-12 / Ages 9+)

Cost: $290 - $440

Bull's eye! Learn about the equipment and discover the basics of archery, while practicing aim and letting some arrows fly!

Available: Spring to Fall
Group Size: Up to 45 (in combination with initiatives)
Location: Victoria Park Oval

Cross-Country Skiing (Grades 3-12 / Ages 8+)

Cost$310 - $770

Try out the groomed tracks at one of our cross-country skiing sites. This program focuses on safety and fun! Learn new skills while you play ski-friendly games with our instructors.

Available: Winter only
Group Size: Up to 36


Biking Skills (Ages 9+)

Cost: $445 - $580

Get on a bike, strap on a helmet and follow our instructors to explore the bike trails of Edmonton's river valley! Learn about equipment sizing, bike maintenance and trail safety while improving your cycling skills.

Available: Spring to Fall
Group Size: Up to 45

Biking Skills - Mini (Grades K-6 / Ages 6-12)

Cost: $440 - $725

Increase your confidence on a bike at a learner-friendly site. We provide bikes, helmets and optional training wheels for young riders. Our instructors focus on safety and fun in this experience-based program.

Available: Spring to Fall
Group Size:

  • Up to 32 (Grade 1-3 / Ages 6-8)
  • Up to 45 (Grade 4-6 / Ages 9-11)

Location: Rundle Park

Fishing (Grades K-12 / Ages 6+)

Cost: $295 - $435

Experience the joys of fishing! Learn a bit about the nature of fish and how to cast and reel them in. Have fun at the pond practicing your new skills. 

Available: Spring to Fall
Group Size: Up to 30
Location: Hermitage Park

Note: Students 16 and over will require their own fishing license.

Geo-Caching (Grades 4-12 / Ages 9+)

Cost: $245 - $500

Learn the tools needed for the world-wide scavenger hunt known as geo-caching! An understanding of map use and navigation prior to the program is recommended. Ask about our pre-set geocaching courses offered at several river valley parks!

Available: Year-round
Group Size: Up to 30
Mobile Program:

GPS and Navigation (Grades 7-12 / Ages 9+)

Cost: $245 - $500

Learn how to use a Global Positioning System (GPS) for navigation and recreation! We teach the practical uses of GPS, a basic understanding of coordinate systems and navigational techniques using handheld GPS devices.

Available: Year-round
Group Size: Up to 30

Initiative Tasks (Grades 4-12 / Ages 9+)

Cost: $230 - $515

Build an understanding of group communication and teamwork by facing challenges and problem-solving activities as a group.

Available: Year-round
Group Size: Up to 45

Kicksledding (Grades 4-12 / Age 9+)

Cost: $300

Discover the traditional mode of winter transportation that millions of Scandinavians love - kicksledding! Experience Edmonton’s River Valley Parks through a new perspective while travelling alone or with a partner sitting up front.

Maximum Group Size: 36 students (in combination with Snowshoeing)
Location: Alfred H. Savage Centre (Whitemud Park North) 
Program Length: 2.5 hours
Availability: December - March (snow condition dependant)


Long Boarding (Grades 4-12 / Ages 9+)

Cost: $455

Try out longboarding at Rundle Park and learn about balance, turning techniques and safety. Once you have learned the essentials, we will head out and explore the trails in Edmonton’s River Valley in a whole new way!

Available: Spring to Fall
Group Size: Up to 30
Location: Rundle Park

Orienteering and Navigation (Grades 4-12 / Ages 9+)

Cost: $390

Learn to find your way! Acquire navigation skills including map reading and compass work.

Available: Year-round
Group Size: Up to 30
Mobile Program:  

Outdoor Skills (Grades 4-12 / Ages 9+)

Cost: $250 - $510

Learn survival and camping skills such as shelter building, fire building and knife safety. Ask us about outdoor cooking opportunities including bannock.

Available: Year-round
Group Size: Up to 30

Predator and Prey (Grades 4-12 / Ages 9+)

Cost: $220 - $505

Experience first-hand how animals survive and thrive! This classic game is a fantastic demonstration of the dynamics of a food chain and animal survival techniques.

Available: Year-round
Group Size: Up to 45

Snowshoeing (Grades 1-12 / Ages 6+)

Cost: $420 - $650

Learn how to travel using Canada's traditional mode of transportation! See classic beavertail style snowshoes, play games and experience a winter landscape through a new perspective. Great for younger participants and families. We also have aluminum snowshoes to try out for ages 12 to adult. Ask about booking these for your group.

Available: Winter
Group Size:

  • Up to 32 (Grade 1-3 / Age 6-8)
  • Up to 36 (Grade 4+ / Ages 9+)


Stand Up Paddle Boarding (Grades 4-12)

Cost: $295

Try the fastest growing water sport in North America on the ponds of Rundle Park. Basic techniques, strokes and safety will be emphasized.

Available: Spring to Fall
Group Size:

  • Up to 26 (in combination with canoeing)
  • Up to 30 (in combination with longboarding)

Location: Rundle Park

Tandem Canoeing (Grades 7-12 / Ages 12+)

Cost: $295 - $700

Learn the importance of teamwork and communication as you canoe in pairs. Basic strokes, safety and fun will be emphasized. All instructors are Paddle Canada certified.

Available: Spring to Fall
Group Size:

  • Up to 20 (Rundle)
  • Up to 30 (Hermitage)


Voyageur Canoeing Lake (Grades 4-6 / Ages 9+)

Cost: $415 - $775

Gain your paddling experience with our 12-person boats, and learn about the history of the Voyageurs while paddling away on Hermitage pond. Our instructors will teach basic strokes and safety, and are all Paddle Canada certified. Your class will learn the importance of teamwork while playing fun paddling games and touring around the pond. 

Availability: Spring-Fall
Group Size: 10-48
Location: Hermitage Park Pond

Voyageur Canoeing River (Grade 7+ / Ages 12+)

Cost: $400 - $1,200

Come paddle with us down the North Saskatchewan River in a 32-foot long, 12-person canoe! Enjoy the sights as we discover physical, natural and historical highlights of Edmonton's River Valley. There is also an option to book voyageur programs at the Hermitage Pond.

Available: Spring to Fall
Group Size: 10-48
Locations:  Various pick up and drop off locations

Fees and Payment

The amount owing is shown on your program confirmation. Invoices are sent out on the first of each month. You will receive your invoice in the same month as your program runs. For example: for a June booking, you will be issued your invoice on June 1. Payment can be made by cheque, Visa, MasterCard, or American Express.

Credit card payment can be made over the phone by calling 311 or 780-442-1442.

Mail cheques to:
Citizen Services Payment Processing
PO Box 2359
19th Floor, Edmonton Tower
Edmonton AB, T5J 2R7

Cancellation and Rescheduling

You are required to submit written notice of cancellation of your program(s) via email to

Programs cancelled with 30 days notice or more will not be charged the program fee or a cancellation fee. Programs cancelled with 8-29 days notice are subject to be charged 50% of the program fee, unless the cancellation is filled by a waitlisted group. For programs cancelled with 7 days notice or less, the full program fee will be charged.

Programs cancelled due to severe weather conditions will not be charged a cancellation fee as long as they are rescheduled within the current or upcoming school year fall term (September - November).


All gear and safety equipment is supplied. Please ask us about our modified equipment available for people with physical disabilities.

Please Note: Programs may be cancelled due to inclement weather. Some parks, especially during the winter season, have limited site services. Please bring your own water or personal supplies.

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