All citizens making use of City of Edmonton Parkland must abide by  Parkland Bylaw 2202. To help ensure an enjoyable picnic experience, the following terms and conditions must also be met:


The permit holder is responsible for notifying the Picnic Bookings office of any changes to attendance numbers prior to their event. Staff is scheduled according to attendance to ensure that the picnic site is serviced as needed during the event (for example: washroom and garbage checks). Unexpectedly large groups can result in retroactive cleaning and maintenance fees.


Vehicle access is available at some designated picnic sites for an additional fee. Access must be requested and paid for at the time of booking. Vehicle access is intended for loading and unloading only; vehicles cannot remain on site during the event. Public roads and parking lots within the park do not require vehicle access.

Food Vendors

All Food Vendors hired for an event must be listed on the City of Edmonton's Approved Mobile Food Vendor List. If your desired vendor is not on this list, they can apply to be an approved vendor by referring to How to Become an Approved Mobile Food Vendor .

Please note that food trucks must remain parked in the parking lot at all times.


Catering is permitted without the requirement for permits, as follows:

  1. Preparation of food is to be conducted off-premise (not on city property) at an approved Alberta Health Services (AHS) location;
  2. Delivery of pre-prepared meals to the site; and
  3. Function to serve only private event guests

Caterers are not permitted to drive onto Parkland without appropriate vehicle access at designated sites.


Power access is available at some designated picnic sites for an additional fee. Power must be requested and paid for at the time of booking. These sites can accommodate two small appliances such as a coffee urn or personal music player.

It is recommended that you bring an extension cord to reach the power source. Please refer to Picnic Site Locations for specifics about power access. For example, Victoria Park Site #2 requires an extension cord of 200 feet to reach the power source across the service road. 

Non-Food Vendors

All non-food vendors must submit a Neighbourhood Event Vendor Declaration Form in advance of the event. Please forward this form to the vendor you have contracted.

Inflatable Play Equipment

Inflatable equipment (including bouncy castles) are permitted at certain designated picnic sites in the City. Approval must be requested and proof of $2 million liability insurance must be sent to the Bookings Office before approval will be granted.

Only one inflatable is permitted per site and must be weighted down and cannot be staked into the ground. Please note that onsite power cannot be used to power the inflatable; a dedicated generator must be brought in for this purpose.

Consider requesting vehicle access to bring your inflatable to applicable sites. An additional $46.80 fee will apply.

Dunk tanks, petting zoos, human hamster balls (Zorb balls), and other miscellaneous equipment are not permitted.


On February 27, 2023 City of Edmonton Council Committee approved the Alcohol Consumption at Designated Picnic Sites program on an ongoing basis. Alcohol consumption in parks will now be permitted at designated sites.

For more information on the various approved site locations, see Alcohol Consumption at Designated Picnic Sites.

Sports Fields

Fields can be reserved in conjunction with your picnic. League use takes precedence over picnic use, so there may be a limited number of fields/times available. Hourly usage fees apply. For more information regarding fields, visit the Sports Fields webpage.


The use of self-contained barbecues is permitted provided that they are a minimum of 6 inches off the ground and placed 30 feet from any flammable materials. All charcoal must be extinguished and then disposed of in a BBQ pit; it is unlawful to dispose of coals anywhere else.

Canopies / Tents

The setup of structures such as canopies, archways, awnings, or tents may involve additional permitting, inspection, and liability insurance. Only one 10 foot x 10 foot or smaller self-assembled structure is permitted per site, and cannot be staked into the ground, tied to trees and/or other fixtures on site, or otherwise cause damage to parkland. Cooking on barbecues or grills underneath these structures and/or setting up structures over top of a firepit, is strictly prohibited.


All decorations - balloons, signs, banners - must be approved by the Bookings Office prior to your reservation date. Confetti, rice, sparklers, and fireworks are not permitted.

Please do not tie or attach any decorations to the trees around your reserved site. You may attach approved items by tying them to the picnic shelter. Decorations and other items cannot be staked into the ground or otherwise cause damage to parkland.

All items must be removed at the end of your reservation and properly disposed of.

Waste Management

The City of Edmonton is committed to reducing waste both at home and in our parks. Please be mindful of the waste you make and do your best to reduce waste by bringing reusable containers and not wasting food. 

During the event, and when you are done with your site, please sort your waste into the appropriate bins onsite. The three bins provided are for food scraps (green), recycling (blue) and garbage (black). If you are unsure of where something goes, look at the signs on the bins or check WasteWise. The bin lids can be removed for disposing of larger items (such as pizza boxes).

The permit holder is responsible for ensuring all garbage has been collected and properly disposed of. 

For more information visit Waste Reduction.

Dogs and Pets   

Dogs are not permitted within 10 metres of any picnic sites, gazebos, playgrounds or sports fields. Dogs may be walked on trails if they are on a leash. All other pets are not permitted in any City Park. Service animals are permitted.


If you have a personal music player, please keep the sound at a level that is only audible within the boundaries of your reserved area (max 75 dB(A)). DJs, bands and PA systems are not permitted.

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