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In order to offer exceptional nutrition services to our community, we have partnered with Revive Wellness Inc. — a local team of leading-edge, private practice Registered Dietitians (also known as nutritionists) who have been providing individuals and corporate clients in Edmonton and surrounding areas with evidence-based nutrition counselling since 2006.

The Revive Wellness team is committed to getting people and their communities to engage in their health so they can live healthier, longer and happier lives. 

Virtual Appointments Available

Making health and nutrition a priority during the COVID-19 Pandemic is our focus.

We respect the importance of all public health measures in reducing the exposure and slowing the spread of this disease. As such, our team has moved exclusively online to offer you nutrition and mental health counselling from the comfort of your own home.

My Viva Plan

To help Edmontonians take control of their health, Revive Wellness Inc. developed a virtual wellness program called My Viva Plan®. My Viva Plan® is an evidence-based digital wellness program built by regulated healthcare professionals focused on three important pillars of self-care: mind, nutrition and fitness.

My Viva Plan

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My Viva Plan Media

Check out My Viva Plan on Youtube and Facebook.

Discount for Annual Members

City of Edmonton Annual members qualify for a discount on all Revive Wellness nutrition services. To receive your My Viva Promo code, sign up for MoveLearnPlay notifications, or contact us via email at, or via phone by calling your respective facility.

Get Started With Nutritional Services

To get started with a registered dietitian:

  1. View our Dietitian Profiles to find the right dietitian for you. Click/tap the "Get Started Now" button under the dietitian of your choice.
  2. Choose which type of session you would like to book. Click/tap the "Book Now" button next to the session of your choice.
  3. Follow the steps provided to book your session.

Nutritional Services

Dietitian Profiles

Andrea Shackel

Photo of Dietitian Andrea Shackel

Credentials: BSc., Certified Diabetes Educator, SCOPE Certified, Registered Dietitian / Nutritionist
Location: Terwillegar Community Recreation Centre
Area(s) of Specialty:

  • Diabetes Management
  • Chronic Disease Management 
  • Emotional Eating
  • Healthy Weight Management
  • Prenatal and Postpartum Nutrition
  • Child Health and Nutrition
  • Family Nutrition
  • Meal Planning and Preparation
  • Eating to Energize

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Brandon Gruber

Photo of Registered Dietitian Brandon Gruber

Credentials: BSc., Registered Dietitian / Nutritionist
Location: Kinsmen Sports Centre
Area(s) of Specialty:

  • Plant-based eating (vegetarian, vegan)
  • Recreational and Competitive Athletes
  • Meal Planning and Preparation
  • Healthy Weight Management
  • Eating to Energize

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Katrina DuBois

Photo of Registered Dietitian Katrina DuBois

Credentials: BSc., Registered Dietitian / Nutritionist
Location: Commonwealth Community Recreation Centre
Area(s) of Specialty:

  • Gut Health (IBS, IBD) 
  • Meal Planning and Preparation
  • Healthy Eating
  • Eating to Energize
  • Healthy Weight Management

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Malika Chandel

Photo of Registered Dietitian Malika Chandel

Credentials: BSc., PhD, Registered Dietitian / Nutritionist 
Location: The Meadows Community Recreation Centre
Areas of Speciality: 

  • Chronic Disease Management (Diabetes, Heart health, Renal Function)
  • Plant-based eating (vegetarian)
  • Prenatal and Post-Partum Nutrition
  • Nutrition Support During Lactation 
  • Child Health and Nutrition
  • Family Nutrition
  • Meal Planning and Preparation
  • Healthy Weight Management

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Raina Beugelink

Photo of Registered Dietitian Raina Beugelink

Credentials: BSc., Registered Dietitian / Nutritionist
Location: Clareview Community Recreation Centre
Area(s) of Specialty:

  • Shift Work
  • Prenatal and Postpartum Nutrition
  • Nutrition Support During Lactation
  • Child Health and Nutrition 
  • Family Nutrition
  • Meal Planning and Preparation
  • Healthy Eating
  • Healthy Weight Management
  • Eating to Energize

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Nutrition FAQ

What are the benefits of good nutrition?

Our dietitians specialize in sports nutrition, weight loss, allergies and dietary restrictions, and disease management, to name a few. Each dietitian has specific areas of specialty, but they also all work as a team so when you choose one, you are really benefiting from the combined knowledge of all including:

  • Weight loss and weight management
  • Sports and athletic performance nutrition
  • Gut health issues such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) and FODMAP
  • Kids and family nutrition counselling
  • Disease prevention and management (such as cancer, diabetes, heart disease)
  • General health and wellness
What does nutrition counselling mean?

In your sessions, you will discover how to properly nourish your body, improve your relationship with food, and understand validated facts, tools and how to implement them in order to fuel your body and mind.

Revive Wellness does more than just nutrition – they create positive, sustainable life change, both mentally and physically by implementing strategies that create lasting change. Through a multifaceted approach to health, Revive Wellness helps you recognize how your actions and behaviours impact your overall wellness. They provide tools and coaching on how to engage your mind, fuel your body and move your body for optimal success.

Do you want to improve your energy, health and performance? Maybe you want to gain control of your gut health or learn how to better manage a particular condition or disease. Perhaps you’re living an active lifestyle and simply want to close the loop on your overall wellness by managing you and your family’s nutrition. Whatever it may be, you will receive personalized care and planning from our dietitians.

When to seek nutrition counselling:

  • When you’re lacking energy
  • When you’re feeling tired, foggy or lethargic
  • When you’re having trouble sleeping
  • When you consistently desire an afternoon ‘pick-me-up’ (caffeine or sugar)
  • When meal planning is unattainable
  • When you’re looking for optimal performance through a customized nutrition plan
What's the difference between a dietitian and a nutritionist?

The titles Registered Dietitian, R.D., Dietitian, Registered Nutritionist and Nutritionist are protected by law through Alberta's provincial legislation. Only practitioners who have met education qualifications and are members of the College of Dietitians of Alberta can use those titles. In Alberta, a nutritionist is a health professional who has a bachelor’s degree specializing in food and nutrition, as well as a period of practical training in a hospital or community setting. Many nutritionists further their knowledge by pursuing a master’s or doctoral degree.

The term Nutritionist is only recently protected by law in Alberta. Previously, practitioners with any level of training and knowledge could call themselves “nutritionists” in Alberta. While the title Nutritionist is protected for dietitians in some provinces, it is not protected all across Canada. It's important to note that "Holistic Nutritionist" and Nutritionist do not refer to the same standard in Alberta.

Terms such as Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Certified Nutritional Practioner, and many others do NOT indicate the person is a provincially regulated health professional. As the Dietitians of Canada (2016) website states, “they are used by those who have completed training programs that vary in length and rigor and are privately owned. Such training programs are not delivered or accredited by a recognized institution.”

You should contact your provincial regulatory body to ensure that the services you receive are from a qualified dietitian.

For more information, read the full Dietitians of Canada article on Dietitians and Nutritionists.

Why should I see a nutritionist? Can't I just go on a diet?

Research shows that though diets may help you lose weight initially, they do not help with long-term weight management. Our nutritionists help you develop skills for life, providing the ongoing support that fad diets do not.

Many people see nutritionists for a variety of reasons besides weight loss. Sports nutrition, disease management, and corporate wellness are just a few of the areas our nutritionists excel in.

What's included in the cost of nutrition services?

The cost of our services covers more than just your visit! Your nutritionist must dedicate time and resources to research and develop a plan that works just for you. Often two to three hours of  "behind the scenes" time go along with your one-hour session. At Revive, our pricing is in line with industry standards.

Does my benefits plan cover the cost?

Various extended health benefit plans cover dietitian services, in full or in part.

The following insurance companies/programs provide up-front coverage:

  • Warren Shepell Employee Assistance Program

The following insurance companies/programs may provide third-party reimbursement:

  • Blue Cross
  • Chambers of Commerce Group Insurance
  • Clarica
  • Great West Life
  • Liberty Health
  • Manulife Financial
  • Sun life
  • Discuss your eligibility with your health benefits provider.

We are now recognized as a Veterans Affairs Canada approved provider.

Recipe of the Month

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February Recipe - Blueberry Cocoa Smoothie

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