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Winter Road Maintenance

The City's committed to providing snow and ice control that will make it possible for commuters, transit users and those moving commercial goods to travel more safely.


About the Service

Priority System for Snow and Ice Control

  • Freeways, arterial roads, business districts and bus lanes
  • Collector/bus routes, Transit Park & Ride access roads
  • Local industrial roadways
  • Residential streets and alleys (Neighbourhood Blading)

Neighbourhood Blading Snow Days

  • Blading is on the same day of the week all winter in your area.
  • Blading will only happen on weekdays, not weekends.
  • Your snow day will be on the schedule when you use the address lookup tool or interactive map.
  • Crews can be on your street any time during the 24 hours designated.
  • Make sure they have complete and clear access to the roads during your area's snow day.


Seasonal Parking Ban - Announced when major roadways and bus routes need clearing.

Winter Parking Ban Pilot - Wards 1 and 9 will be part of a pilot to test one-side parking this winter.

Parking in The City

How Do I Obtain the Service?