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In order to recognize the many environmental champions of our corporation, the City of Edmonton has created the Charles Labatiuk Award for Environmental Excellence.

The 2018 ceremony was held on Tuesday December 11 at City Hall.

2018 Showcase Nominations

Citizen Services

1. Integrated Pest Management Project

Photo of Garrett Watson, Paul Henry, Cory Nilsson, Gerard Amerongen, Dorothy Jedrasik, and Sarah Birmingham.

  • Garrett Watson, Paul Henry, Cory Nilsson, Gerard Amerongen, Dorothy Jedrasik, and Sarah Birmingham

Based on their research, education, and work experience the team developed an application to enhance the Integrated Pest Management program at Muttart Conservatory and City Golf Courses. The app was configured based on a robust preventive maintenance, pest monitoring, and cultural control program to minimize pesticide use.

The App captures real time pest and disease information from facility scouting reports which assists teams in implementing pest control plans based on the defined thresholds. The app has reporting capabilities that allow teams to review the effectiveness of control practices which continually improve the Integrated Pest Management program.

Based on the favorable results of IPMP, it is anticipated that other licensed branches that use pest control chemicals will adopt and utilize the App to improve their environmental performance to meet Integrated Pest Management Policy C501 requirements.

2. Natural Yards Program

Photo  of Karey Steil and Tory Young.

  • Karey Steil and Tory Young

In July, 2016 City Council requested Bylaw develop a Natural Yards Program for Edmontonians in response to confusion that had arose relating to the difference between unkempt and naturalized yards. Karey and Tory worked together over the next six months and in May 2018, they launched the new Natural Private Property website to honour native plants and their positive environmental influence, while also educating residents about the importance of good design and maintenance. 

Karey and Tory were extremely aware of the important environmental benefits of the work they were undertaking. These included reducing the influx of water into our drainage system, reducing the use of yard maintenance chemicals and decreasing the carbon footprint through less mowing. The most impactful environmental benefit is the importance of using native plants to conserve the local prairie landscape and enhance wildlife habitat, creating food and shelter for pollinators and birds in the urban setting. These influences of a natural yard contribute to the overall health of the surrounding ecosystem. 

Financial and Corporate Services

1.Air Quality Light Bulb Tool

Photo of Air Quality Light Bulb Tool team.

  • David Rauch, Soumya Ghosh, Sean Clovechok

On June 6, 2018 the City celebrated Clean Air Day by launching the Air Quality Light Bulb Tool. This is an innovative digital platform used to share information about Edmonton’s air quality. The installation, and technology behind it, allows citizens to connect to a wifi enabled light bulb that changes color with changes in air quality. The tool also allows citizens to receive notifications when Edmonton’s air quality changes, as reported through the Air Quality Health Index.

The City of Edmonton is the first city in Canada to use the technology behind this tool, which has been extremely well received by Edmontonians. This is a prime example of being committed to quality, ingenuity and a high standard of performance to make improvements in our community. 

City Operations

1. Maurice Pelletier, Turf Team Leader

Photo of Turf Team.

Maurice was instrumental in piloting the use of electric automated mowers to mow sports fields. These machines significantly reduced the fuel required to not only mow the field but also to mobilize staff. Maurice took the initiative to lead this pilot and reduce greenhouse gas emission.  

Maurice is also working on piloting solar powered mowers, which have been purchased and are on route to Edmonton. 

2. Limited Idling Program

Photo of the Limited Idling Program team.

  • Eddie Robar, Philip Herritt, Ryan Birch, Earl Romkey, John Bach, Malcolm Hodgson, Walter Cadieux, Shelley Clark, Priscilla Milot

As part of Edmonton Transit Service operating procedures, ETS has implemented a limited idling program to control air emissions and reduce fuel consumption. Operators are required to shut their buses down if they are at a transit center for longer than 3 minutes. 

In 2017 93% of the buses audited were compliant with the ETS Limited Idling Procedure which demonstrates ETS Operators’ willingness to adhere to the program requirements and reduce ETS Operations environmental impact. 

Integrated Infrastructure Services

1. High Solids Anaerobic Digestion Facility

Photo of Daniel Alberkant, Navdeep Sandhu, Gordon Derick.

  • Daniel Alberkant, Navdeep Sandhu, Gordon Derick

The High Solids Anaerobic Digestion Facility will process 40,000 tonnes of residential and commercial organic waste per year into biogas and compost. The biogas will be used in combined heat and power generators to produce electricity. This project will generate 12.1 million kilowatt-hours of electricity and 46 thousand gigajoules of thermal energy leading to an increase in waste diversion from the landfill and a reduction of greenhouse gases and operational costs at the Edmonton Waste Management Centre. 

Edmonton is the first municipality in Canada to adopt this technology.

2. Robb Heit, Program Manager 

Photo of Robb Heit

The Borden Park Natural Swimming Pool is a unique and creative aquatic amenity on the Borden Park site. A natural swimming pond combines the recreational potential of a pool for exercise and play along with the more passive, reflective, and educational opportunities of a garden or natural area. Impurities introduced by guests are eliminated through biological processes and supporting measures in the purification area as opposed to chemical treatment. The new pool will generate a much smaller carbon footprint and have lower energy and chemical consumption.

The pool is the first public natural swimming pool in Canada and only the second in North America.

Urban Form and Corporate Strategic Development

1. Interactive Online Land and Vegetation Mapping Project

Photo of the Interactive Online Land and Vegetation Mapping Project team.

  • Catherine Shier, Grant Pearsell, Alex Yeung, Ron Cook, Scott Hardy

The Vegetation Mapping Inventory shows the types of vegetation that exists around Edmonton, as well as our unique natural spaces. Prior to this, the current land classification system showed Edmonton as a black box of “development”, with no detail about what was really in the city. This new mapping system allows more detail and assessment, leading to better land use planning decisions. In addition, the raw data is available on the City’s Open Data portal, which could help support citizen-led natural area stewardship initiatives and better urban based ecological research.

This mapping tool strongly demonstrates the cultural commitment of excellence. 

2. Sarah Cicchini, Program Manager -  IPCC Cities and Climate Change Conference

Photo of the IPCC Cities and Climate Change Conference team.

In March 2018 Edmonton hosted the inaugural Cities and Climate Change Science Conference. The conference was co-sponsored by the World Meteorological Organization and the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (part of the United Nations Environment Programme). The conference welcomed more than 800 municipal representatives, scientists and academics from around the world to share the latest scientific research on climate change, and inspire global and regional action within cities to address this complex issue. The global research agenda coming for the conference will lead to continuous improvement and new ideas for cities around the world as they advance solutions for climate change.

Sarah was an integral in the work to have Edmonton selected as the host City and worked with multiple partners and organizers to ensure the event was successful. 

Employee Services

1. Electronic Pay Advice Project

Photo of the Electronic Pay Advice Project team.

  • Paul Hopkins, Brian Harker, Nathaniel Vos, Susan Rizzuto, Les Gawlicki, Bryan  Nippers, Andrew Oska, Binh Truong, Steven Allison, Mable Chan-Simons, Naser Yusuf and Catherine Zhang

Electronic Pay Advice Project involves migrating approximately 4500 employees from paper to electronic pay advice statements resulting in a reduction of environmental impact associated with printing and delivery of approximately 117,000 pay advice statements annually.  

Through a collaboration of Human Resources, Open City and Technology and Engagement the project team designed a pay advice tile for the City of Edmonton portal making pay advice information available to staff through their personal devices at their convenience.

Communications and Engagement 

1.Dru Stratiy, Graphic Designer 

IPCC Cities and Climate Change Conference logo.

The IPCC Cities and Climate Change Science Conference was held in Edmonton from March 5-7, 2018. The conference aims to inspire the next frontier of research focused on the science of cities and climate change. 

The Cities IPCC Conference needed a visual identity which included a logo, typography, photography and colour palette. The concept of the identity was inspired by Earth's basic substances- air and water, as well as flow between people and places without restriction.

Dru went above and beyond to ensure the visual identity and all creative items for the conference were excellent and represented Edmonton. He spent a large portion of his time researching climate change and cities to visually communicate this complex topic in a way that was impactful and meaningful.

2018 Nominations

Project:  Endotherm Chemical Additive pilot project
Nominee: Steve Garner
Department, Branch:  Integrated Infrastructure Services, Business Planning and Support

Project:  The 3 Rs -Reduce, Reuse and recycle
Nominee: Trena MacGillivrary
Department, Branch:  Citizen Services, Community Standards and Neighbourhoods

Project: Edmonton Tower Riverbend Gardens Community Supported Agriculture
Nominee:  Kathryn Lennon
Department, Branch: Urban Form and Corporate Strategic Development, City Planning

Project: Shaw Conference Centre Atrium Glazing Project
Nominee: Brad Watson
Department, Branch: Integrated Infrastructure Services, Infrastructure Delivery

Project: Mill Creek Pedestrian Bridges
Nominees: Jason Reske and Sidd Masand
Department, Branch: Integrated Infrastructure Services, Infrastructure Planning and Design

Project: Kennedale Traffic Operations Building
Nominees: Darren Giacobbo and David Mazzuca
Department, Branch: Integrated Infrastructure Services, Infrastructure Planning and Design

Project: Collector Renewal of 106 Street and 76 Avenue
Nominees: Jen Rutledge, Steve Schmidt, Ikenna Uju, Clinton Mah, Jason Caudron, Mark Morton, Aladdin Benayad, Wayne Gong and Lauren Bilodeau
Department, Branch: Integrated Infrastructure Services, Infrastructure Planning and Design

Project: Commuter Challenge
Department, Branch: Integrated Infrastructure Services, LRT Delivery

Project: Reducing unnecessary single use plastic from our landfills
Nominee: Charlotte Crier
Department, Branch: City Operations, Parks and Road Services

Project: Native Wildflowers
Nominees: Old Man Creek Nursery - Brandi Grove, Alyssa Imler, Larry Elger, Bev Minsky, Donna Smith, Glenn Reuber, Meghan Sankey, Mohamad Smaili, Harminder Atwal and Aurnir Nelson
Department, Branch: City Operations, Parks and Road Services

Project: Garage Solar Project
Nominees: Paul Mitchell and Dennis Barthel
Department, Branch: City Operations, Parks and Road Services

Project: Edmonton Eco Stations
Nominee: Steve Simon
Department, Branch: City Operations, Waste Services

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