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Men's Support Services

Men are expected to be independent, strong, in charge, and able to solve their problems. What happens when things fall apart?

Community Services provides opportunities for men to engage in personal change through Men's Support Services.

Email mensgroups@edmonton.ca

Individual Assistance

  • Talk confidentially with a professional social worker knowledgeable about men's issues.
  • Short-term counselling to help find customized solutions and resources.
  • Helpful information and referrals to appropriate community resources.

Group Programs

From Chaos to Peace

A 6-session group for men who have experienced control, violence or abuse in an intimate partner relationship.

Get the support you need to build a healthier sense of yourself. Focus on self-care and action planning to address present or past abuse in a partner relationship.

Group facilitated by professional social workers. 

Please contact 780-496-4777 for current start dates.
Location: northeast Edmonton
Spring and fall sessions offered annually
No fee

"I figured I was alone...nobody could possibly be going through what I'm going through."

Men Without Hats

A weekly drop-in group for men in need of support who are interested in pursuing personal development.

Experienced group members provide support to other men and are able to share their own experiences of separation, job loss, or other personal crisis.

The group is facilitated by professional social workers and experienced group participants.

The goals are to provide responsive support to men, to reduce the barriers to connecting with supports, to help men identify their own reasons for personal change, and to develop ongoing peer support.

The group size varies weekly from 6-12 participants.

Please contact 780-496-4777 for the location most convenient for you.
Weekly drop-in meetings at two locations
No fee

"Nobody's there to criticize you, everybody's there to help you."

Men's Talk and Do Groups

Personal development groups that support men's self-esteem.

Get the support you need to make a plan for selfcare, physical health and recreation, healthy communication, dealing with partner relationships, parenting, coping with a current crisis, and developing a support network.

This registered group offers a safe place and challenges men to choose new directions.

Facilitated by a professional social worker and trained mentors.

Contact: 780-496-4777
Spring and fall sessions offered annually
No fee

"It makes you feel stronger about yourself...more positive about yourself."

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