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Why aren’t Resources listed on an "A" List and "B" List anymore?

In the past, Resources were evaluated as "A" and "B" List buildings. "A" List buildings had scored higher and hence were typically more significant.  The "A" and "B" rating system was officially changed in 2008 since it was decided that there was no need to differentiate between the degree of significance of buildings.  As a result, currently the only differentiation between Resources is whether or not they have received Designation.

What’s the difference between the Inventory and the Registry?

The main difference between the Inventory and the Registry is the degree of protection provided.  Resources on the Register are all designated as Municipal Historic Resources and are legally protected from demolition or inappropriate alteration.  This agreement is registered on title.  On the other hand, Resources on the Inventory are not legally protected.

If my house is old can it be declared heritage?

There are a number of criteria used to evaluate buildings to determine whether or not they would qualify for The Inventory or Register of Historic Resources in Edmonton. Age is not one of them.  Instead, the house must demonstrate to have some heritage significance.

Properties, which are identified as having heritage significance, do not have to be designated in order to be considered heritage or be on The Inventory. If it is designated, it means that City Council has adopted a legal contract with the owner to legally protect the property from inappropriate alterations in perpetuity.

I was told my building is historic, what restrictions are there?

Buildings which are designated as Provincial or Municipal Historic Resources have restrictions.  Owners should be fully aware of those restrictions if their buildings are designated because they have had to sign agreements or would see them on the land titles when being purchased.  Buildings which are listed on the Inventory do not have restrictions.  The only other possible restriction would have to do with the zoning, that is to say if the property was in a DC1 (Direct Development Control) Area.

Provincial Historic Resources

So does that mean I can do what ever I want to the building?

It depends on what you are proposing to do. If you are proposing to carry out some maintenance and painting etc., we would have no real concerns, on the other hand, if you were proposing to do something which would be considered inappropriate to the buildings' heritage character, then, perhaps you should contact the Heritage Planner.

The City designated my building and I didn't even know about it.

Your building is not designated; it may be on The Inventory of Historic Resources in Edmonton. Properties on The Inventory do not need the owner's consent.

Can I apply to remove the historical designation on my property?

Yes, an owner can apply, however the Planning and Development Department would not support it. A report of non-support would be forwarded to Council and the owner would have the ability to appeal to Council.

Can I apply for grants to fix up the interior or with an addition?

In order to get access to financial assistance, the property must be designated. We do not normally provide financial assistance for interior work nor do we fund new construction unless it is strictly repair and/or rehabilitation of the historic building.

How much financial assistance could I get to rehabilitate a historic building?

The City needs three detailed independent estimates before we tell what we may assist with.

Well is it 30%, 40%, 70% or is there a maximum amount?

The maximum you can receive is up to 50% of your costs for restoration, followed by up to 30% for maintenance costs.  These figures may differ if you are receiving funding from the Province. Each project is evaluated on a case by case basis, and there is a maximum amount of funding that can be provided.  For more details please see Financial and Rehabilitation Incentives or discuss with a Heritage Planner.

Are there property tax breaks for a historically designated property?

Possibly. Circumstances are site specific so it is not automatic that all designated properties would be eligible. Property owners should contact the Heritage Planner with a clear understanding of what they are proposing.

For More Information

Robert Geldart

Sustainable Development
#6 - 10111 - 104 Avenue NW
Edmonton, AB T5J 3P4​

Title Senior Heritage Planner


Fax 780-401-7050

David Johnston

Sustainable Development
#6 - 10111 - 104 Avenue NW
Edmonton, Alberta T5J 3P4

Title Principal Heritage Planner
Telephone 780-496-5281
Fax 780-401-7050

Scott Ashe

Sustainable Development
#6 - 10111 - 104 Avenue NW
Edmonton, Alberta T5J 3P4​

Title Principal Heritage Planner


Fax 780-401-7050

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