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Date: Sunday August 11, 2013
Time: noon-4pm
  • Animal Myths Touch Table (at the Learning Lair) - Find out if snakes are slimey, if all bats drink blood, if mice really do eat cheese, do camels store water in their humps, are bulls enraged by the colour red and if rabbits like carrots! So many more myths will be busted!
  • Mythbusters Hands on Science Experiments (at Saito Centre) - Neat-o hands on science experiments!
  • Royal Alberta Museum Bug Room (at Saito Centre) - Are you scared of bugs? Let Peter show you that there is no need to be!
  • Worm Myths Busted! (at Program Tent A) - If you cut an earthworm in half do you get 2 worms? Visit the Waste Management Team to learn all about worms, composting and bust other worm myths!
  • Animal Mythbusters Scavenger Hunt (at Inner Zoo/Saito Centre) - Take a tour of the zoo to find out if Alpaca's actually spit, if bats are blind, does a toad give you warts, and if owls are actually wise! Prizes will be awarded to all myths busted! Win a 'Dora the Explorer' Prize!
  • Mythbusters Crafts (at Program Tent B) - Make a craft of an animal that has a myth associated with it!
  • Wildlife Rehabilitation Society (at Saito Centre) - What do you do if you come across injured wildlife? Learn the true facts what to do with bunnies, deer, and so much more local wildlife!
  • Dora the Explorer Live! Giveaways! (at Program Tent) - Colour the Dora the Explorer banner, get some free tattoos and stickers and enter to win a family pack to the show on September 29!

Animal Mythbusters - Various Times

  • 11am - Elephant Myths Talk (at Elephant House) - Do elephants ever forget? Learn if Lucy, our resident Asian elephant, ever forgets, or if she is scared of mice!
  • 1pm - Get Closer to Lucy! (Location TBD) - Meet Lucy at one of her favourite spots around the Zoo!
  • 2pm - Get Closer! Name that Calf! (at Urban Farm) - Our new Dexter calf in the Urban Farm needs a name! We will have 3 names on apples and she will choose her own name by eating one! Nominations will be accepted in the Urban Farm until August 10, 2013.

Get Closer! Animal Myth Busting Talks and Enrichments

  • 12:30pm - Slimey Snakes (at the Reptile Wing) - Are they really slimey?
  • 1:30pm - Are Capybaras the worlds largest rodent? (at the Capybara Enclosure)
  • 2:30pm - Fainting Goats (at the Children's Zoo) - Do fainting goats really exist?
  • 3:30pm - The Truth about Skunks! (at the Learning Lair) - Why do they stink?

For More Information

Edmonton Valley Zoo

13315 Buena Vista Road (87th Avenue)
PO Box 2359
Edmonton, Alberta T5J 2R7

Telephone In Edmonton: 311
Outside Edmonton: 780-442-5311

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